Arcade Build Tutorials

Get some handy hints and tips on building and customising your own arcade machine, with new content being uploaded regularly.

Arcade Machine Build Part 1 - T Moulding

In this video I take you through the process of installing the T moulding, with some handy tips and hints for any DYI projects.

Arcade Machine Build Part 2 - Frame Assembly

Part 2 I show you how to assemble the main parts of the cabinet so you can plan out the rest of the build.

Arcade Machine Build Part 3 - Layout Plan

In part 3 I cover planing out your internals and component mounting positions, and PC position for this particular build. 

-More Videos Content Coming Soon-

Upgrades and Repairs

Some short videos put together of completed customer repairs and upgrades.

Customer Repairs - Cocktail Cab Fault

Fault finding and replacing damaged components.

Customer Repairs - Rebuilt with Jamma Board

Rebuilt 2 player upright, with jamma game board.