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2 Player Upright

Arcades for businesses

Have a customised machine made for your business or club.

Bring your business or club to life with a customised arcade machine. 

For your business it could be in a lunch or breakaway room for employees to wind down or unleash some fury. On a showroom floor to compliment your products or even to keep kiddies occupied why you seal the deal !. Even to take it to conventions and displays to help with advertising your business. 

For your club what a perfect way to keep the kiddies both young and old occupied so they hang around spending more on meals and at the bar. Jam packed with games from every genre you can be sure to have some thing for every one on board making a great way to keep all patrons happy. 

With the ability to have your stickers / artwork customised you can have your machine made to suit your club or business with your logos / colours and signage all over it. From subtle and classy to as loud as you like. A great way to advertise and promote with stand out features that catch the eye of any passers buy.  

Machines in Photos above supplied for 

Nightmare Designs custom painting from Lonsdale SA. 

Jayco Caravans Adelaide SA.

Strata Data Glen Osmond Adelaide SA.

Repairs and Retrofitting

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