Game Time Reviews

I regularly get asked about games and how they play on my systems. I go through them and play ones that have been requested buy customers and followers on youtube or social media. 

This is a great little set of games that is great to play . with a couple of different game modes it has something for 1 player , 2 players or a GP event. 


This game is a true classic. Its a first of its type of game and its developer one of the true greats.

Now this game is cool. Shops to go into , things to collect , monsters to sleigh and all. I had a lot of fun playing this and have gone back for more since filming this video. 

One of  the all time great anthologies. Metal Slug is in my favorites list and had to do a review when it was asked. 

I loved this game growing up and had to review it. Its not just a flat out and go game, you need to take off and land correct from the jumps and watch your engine temps. A great game for its time.  

In today’s review we check out Pang. A great couple of games. Pang , Super Pang give you a great challenge.

Today we check out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, classic game, movie and cartoon show.